Partnership (update 06-11-2022)

Looking for partnership/寻找合作伙伴

I am looking for talents which also as horny as me, it’s hard to fight the battlefield alone, I planned to expend this venture further without using any platform which lots of restriction like PH, PH has given me lots of trouble and also other site like patreon, those normies have small brains and dont know what the real horny is. I actually have few positions if you guys are interested for earning side income, some can be work remotely if you are from oversea, I currently located in Malaysia, i can only communicate in English and Chinese (both simplify and traditional), click the button below to know more detail of the job position that i offer.


Partnership program

Join venture with me and let us build our own horny empire

If you are interested and looking for more information, please do come and private message me at my Twitter

18+ video collector

  • with the help of new MEGA cloud drive and its feature that google drive never had, this can be done remotely for everyone who is interested
  • if you found any nice video that you wanted to share, you can upload it to my MEGA drive and you can use its own video embed function and post it to my website
  • you will gain the moderator access to my website which allow you to make new video post
  • video type is not limited, but I do prefer anime style since that’s what i always upload
  • you can do this just as a hobby or something that helps you kill time, since my own website doesn’t generate ad revenue income
  • but you will get free access to my MEGA drive collection with all the game and the original resolution video that i uploaded

Youtuber expert partnership

  • increase exposure for the main website and bring audience from youtube or vice versa
  • upload every single video that uploaded to the main website and then edit the video until it doesnt contain and NSFW content.
  • if the channel manage to get earning, the earning will be split (you)70-30

Other social media expert

  • it can be tiktok, instagram, twitter or facebook
  • same as youtube, you will make post and bring exposure to the main website
  • there is no fix idea for the post, you can be creative
  • if the platform manage to get ad revenue earning, the earning will be split (you)70-30