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Our website needs money to runs, this most probably is the last fortress of HgameGallery, if the owner does not able to afford the fee for next year, he will decide to shut down and it will be the end of Hgamegallery, we continue to improve the site any much as we can to provide a stable site for you guys to view those videos.

You can change the fate of HgameGallery by joining the membership or simply just use the one time donation feature, for any membership, you will access the higher resolution video quality and you can download them and watch offline, also higher tier membership will gain access to hgame and better video too, all the donation and fee collected are or for private use, it will be used as a crowd funding to fund and ensure it can run for another year, if we able to gather more fund in future, Hgamegallery will improve even better and maybe in future can able to run its own server and provide even more stable website and streaming service.

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1$ Membership: -> Access to all Videos with Full HD, 2K or 4K quality on Google Drive. (no download limit)

3$ Membership: -> Access to all Games on Google Drive

5$ Membership: -> Access to all Benefits (Full HD/2K/4k video and HGame)+ Man of Culture Title


For those who cant use the other platform, you may use alipay as well
如果你不方便用patreon 或 ko-fi,你可以用支付宝转账给我然后私讯我在支付宝

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¥= 人民币单位

¥7/月 – 只有云端视频的权限
¥20/月 – 只有hgame的云端权限

¥33/月 – 视频和hgame的云端权限,外加特别视频

¥80/年 -只有视频云端的权限
¥220/年- 只有hgame的云端权限
¥380/年- 视频和hgame的云端权限,外加特别视频